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Consilium Group at a glance

Selecting a consulting firm to help you meet your human resource challenges is an important decision. Organizations are seeking in their human resource consulting partner the right balance of cultural fit, industry and functional expertise, and an understanding of the company needs and objectives. At a glance, Consilium Group, one of the leading Czech human resource management consulting firms offers our clients a number of unique characteristics, which we believe distinguish us from other human resource consulting firms.

Consilium Group is a "full service" human resource consulting firm

Our consultants provide a comprehensive range of HR management advisory services. For our clients this means we bring to them leading edge thinking on key HR management issues as well as intellectual capital on issues shaping HR management development today and into the future.

Consilium Group Executive Search and Recruitment practice has developed significant expertise in specific industries (e.g. financial services, utilities, retail etc.) to bring to our clients the benefits of our market insights and experience. We offer our clients deep understanding of their markets and the forces shaping them, in order to attract the best people for our client organization. At Consilium Group Executive Search and Recruitment we conduct extensive original research for each assignment, and, importantly, we share our research openly and freely with our clients. Consilium Group guarantees that if a placed candidate is dismissed or resigns during a specified period of employment (typically one year), we conduct a complete new search for that position, free of charge.

Consilium Group Management Consulting branch brings to our clients a range of professional services to help them compete successfully. Our services cover management and leadership assessments, team and organizational effectiveness evaluations and repositioning, and change management services. As a result, our clients can better execute their strategies and increase their executives' ability to develop and change.

Our strategic compensation group helps our clients structure innovative compensation strategies and programs, with the goal of rewarding performance, attracting talent and reducing turnover.

Our benchmarking and best practice analysis group enables companies to measure, structure and realign their HR management processes against indicators established by research among a representative group of comparable organizations.

Consilium Group Management Development and Coaching team provides high value added, tailor made in-company training and coaching services aimed at company specific development needs.

We work in partnership with our clients

Our clients entrust us with their most important, sensitive and confidential business issues. We respect this trust and view our relationship with our clients as paramount, and work to provide them with value adding advice on how to develop and retain their most important assets - their people. We respect the confidentiality of our clients. Our quality assurance group contacts our clients after each assignment to ensure that they receive the highest quality service.

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